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Iztaccihuatl 5254m / 17224ft. &

Nevado de Toluca 4630m

in 4 days

If you do not have any experience in high altitude, you could do a “ Izta and Nevado “ , you can climb a high mountain in Mexico:


Truk hgmexico Cactus

We have a program of gradual acclimatization:

1 day

will meet you at the Mexico City transfer to rest in Nevado de Toluca beginning the acclimatization process.


2 day

One trekking day in the first summit of "El Nevado de Toluca"  is a nice mountain,

Hotel in Mexico City

3 day.

Our drive continues towards Popo-Ixta National Park and to the Paso de Cortez, named after Cortez crossed the pass in 1529 en route to the city of Tenochtitlan. We will spend the night in camp  (3950m)/ 11,703'



Ascender at "Grupo de Los Cien" (4780m) / 15682ft hut, 

Ascender to first summit in las "rodillas" (5050m.) / 16568ft and if you feel good you can go to the principal summit "los pechos" (5218m.) 17224ft and go back to Mexico City


Including :

- Transportation from Mexico City (airport or hotel) to the mountains and back.

- mountain guides.

- collective gear; ropes, carabineers, tends, etc. (optional personal gear like crampons, ice tools, sleeping bag, head lamp, etc.) please check our web site to see all the gear you need,(section mountain equipment)

-Ascender certificate (diploma )
-Mountain permissions

- base camp

- water purified in bottle.

- Overnight at the itinerary

cost  each one in Euro:

Without meals:

In this option (most recommended), you can bring your food, or by the way we can stop to buy food in a supermarket (like wall mart) and you can choose what is best for you, we bring stove with gas, dishes and accessories, also purified water in bottles 20 liters, so you can refill your water containers.

In American Dollar:

cost in

US dollar each one

people My first expedition whitout meals
More than 11 340
6-10 380
3-5 460
2 550
1 690


My first expedition
With Meals only at the mountain:

In this option we can include foods at the mountain  (not including restaurants, no grocery stores) if you prefer this option you will comment when write us.

cost in Euro each one


My fisrt expedition whit meals in american dolar each one

cost in

US dollar each one

people My first expedition whit mountain meals
More than 11 400
6-10 460
3-5 520
2 710
1 760


Contact Us (more information):

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You can climb other mountains with us like Pico de Orizaba , malinche and more trips


Nevado de Toluca

Nevado de Toluca Crater





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